Website Guidelines

Website Guidelines

We ask that visitors follow these protocols

  1. No questions or comments that contain foul language.
  2. No questions or comments that promote fear, prejudice, intolerance or hate.
  3. No questions or comments that encourage violence against any person or destruction of anything

Contributing Author’s Guidelines

  1. No articles that personally attack or defame this site, our members or Cobra will be posted.
  2. No all caps titles and keep title length at ten words or less please.
  3. Only three categories per article. Using more makes the point of categories useless as the same articles appear in each category.

 Members Please Note:

As you have seen with the new theme and graphics, is growing dramatically during the summer of 2015, adding multiple languages  and a social media capability to enable our members to easily connect based on their locations and quickly update one another about local events and changes. The new language websites will need volunteers to help them stay current with updated news and changes in each language.

Event Support Group Meeting Guidelines

For the Community Leaders Protocols see the Protocols fo Advising Leadership