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chartrusekycrowdThis site has been organized to give you both an overview of what’s happening in our world, and a way to participate with solving its problems. It revolves around a well-defined plan which is called the Event.

The Event is the upcoming breakthrough moment of the shift happening on this planet. We are at the end of the cosmic cycle and this whole planet is entering a golden age where everything is progressively being reconnected with Light, Love, Harmony.

The Event is the moment, the day, that will totally change the face of this Earth. There will be mass arrests of major criminals, top banksters, political figures, etc. The financial system will be shut down so it can be reset, re-started based on fair, real value economy. There will be at the same time, a major pulse of light coming from the central sun of this galaxy, down to this planet, shifting things drastically spiritually and energetically.

Prepare For Change was initiated by the Resistance Movement communicating messages through a member codenamed Cobra, who is in direct contact with them. They gave instructions for the general population to get involved directly in the Event. Our work still has to be done by us, as we are the creators, the ones who can create our own role in this unfolding new reality.

We’ll present here an overview of the Prepare for Change structure.

The main structure is based on a merkabah, which is a central part of how energy fields are created. The merkabah is made of two interlocked tetrahedrons (as represented above) : the one pointing up is masculine energy, and the one pointing down is feminine energy. Everything in creation is based on the dance and balance between these two energies, masculine being the active, uniqueness principle, and feminine the receptive, unity principle. Health on any level, any aspect of creation, is found in balance and connection between both. This is therefore key to the positive shifts that are happening.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is the feminine part, the red tetrahedron of the merkabah. It is a revival of an ancient order, whose role has been to keep and anchor true feminine energy on this planet, especially since there has been many attempts to suppress and distort that energy. Click here to read more about the Sisterhood of the Rose.

Many Sisterhood of the Rose groups are being created worldwide. Their role is to meditate and help stabilize the energy by bringing feminine energies of harmony, forgiveness, co-operation, calm and relaxation before, during and after the Event.

The Event Support Groups are the masculine complementary part. Their role is to prepare and to take action and initiatives to get things organized, to ‘get things done’ in their community, organize various networks together, give guidance to community leaders about what is happening and how to transition smoothly, etc.

This structure is then organized into 6 categories, called New Society Groups, which correspond to the 6 points you see in a 2D merkabah.

There are 3 feminine groups :

  • Renaissance : This category includes the Arts (music, architecture, etc), Spirituality (festivals, temples, ceremonies, esoterism, symbols and sacred geometry, etc)
  • Healing : This planet needs a lot of healing : for our environment, for humans (physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, etc, all of which are inter-connected), and for all other living beings on this planet (animals and plants). Practically this includes all healing and medicine practices, connection to nature, food production, etc.
  • Media : Media on this planet have been corrupted and often are not sharing truth, instead they are used for programming. Media is an important aspect for all of us on this planet to realize and put in practice our inter-connectedness and unity, for all good things from all other categories (healing, arts, etc) to be shared with everybody.

And 3 masculine groups :

  • Leadership : This category is not about higher-archy, being the ‘boss’, status position titles, and telling others what to do, all of which belong to the old corrupted world. Nobody can ever be higher or lower than others, and everybody has their own inner guidance and free will which need to be respected. This category is about leading by example, having a broad vision, knowledge and understanding, and taking constructive initiatives for a positive transition for this planet for peace, respect, and harmony, . Practically this includes co-ordination of various aspects and networks in society, and of all PFC categories; taking initiatives and organizing them : healing centers, food and energy production, etc.
  • Technology : Up to now on this planet there has been a duality between technology and nature, however this is not true in the absolute. We are part of nature and therefore we can create a wide variety of technology which will be absolutely in tune with ecosystems and the general natural flow of energy. This will include new healing technologies, cleaning the environment, free energy devices for electricity production, etc.

  • Financial : Up to now on this planet, the financial system has been used as a means of control to create artificial lack and scarcity. At the Event the worldwide financial system will be completely reset to transition from a slavery, debt-based system, into a real value-based system. There will be a time of transition and adaptation for the general population, through which we will progressively evolve into a money-less society in which abundance is totally natural and guaranteed for all. Deep and wide exploration of our creativity and entreprising capacities will flourish, bringing human potential to levels beyond our imagination. At this stage, energy will be exchanged freely and fairly, and this category will be about the broad creative use and exchanges of all energy ressources.

All of these categories are of course inter-connected and inter-dependant, therefore flexibility and co-operation is necessary. You will find more infos about each of the categories in their respective menus on this website.

On our website menu, the Resistance category presents informations about the actors in the changes coming and their activities, and the Event category is about the solutions, the plan of the event and how we can contribute.

Our experience has taught us that everybody wakes up to these truths in their own time, but when the Event happens many will be startled awake, and that can be uncomfortable. Helping them to understand what has and is going on is our shared objective. On this website we have numerous resources to help with this issue.

Participate in the Solutions

The first step which was asked by the Resistance Movement is to create local, physical, Event Support and Sisterhood of the Rose groups, to help the Event and work on all 6 New Society Groups in their local areas.

You can register your group contact information through social media and other platforms on our site so that other locals can find you : click here.

You can get further involved with PFC by clicking on the Participate button on the right side of your screen. Fill out the form and choose a New Society group to become a part of our global movement for change. It will ask you put down your skills and talents that you can contribute to making the Event and New Society happen. Our network has been created by people like you who responded to this form. We are all volunteers. It is an important means to make change happen.

Join or Organize your own Local Group

We have offered “Meeting Guidelines” for your group to follow, however each Event Support Group can decide their own way to help complete the mission.

One of the most important mission suggested to PFC members is the Weekly Synchronized Liberation Meditation. This meditation was designed by Light Forces and is the most effective and important thing the general population can do to help the Event happen as soon and as smoothly as possible. Please join us, it is our most important contribution to world peace !

The Sisterhood of the Rose leads a special meditation every week after the Event Support meeting and organizes global meditations regularly. Their special meditation involves twelve women in a circle doing a traditional deep meditation, which is often written by one of the women involved. If this resonates with you, see this page and contact the Sisterhood of the Rose

Work globally with your New Society Group

You will have a choice of New Society groups with which you would like to work. We recommend you join only one group but you may join all groups if you are so inclined. After signing with one or multiple groups of the “New Society”, the leaders will be notified that you have signed up. Below is a brief introduction to the New Society Groups with links to their featured activities.

If you would like to email any specific questions on anything in regards to this site or its mission, see the email links below:

Prepare for Change website features you should know about

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However please read the Websites Protocols section for your comment to be approved. Please be patient.

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Additionally, we have several website functions or activities you can email directly using these links.

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, Please be actively involved in bring our world closer to Peace, Prosperity and Hope for all of mankind.

Welcome to Prepare for Change.