The Importance of Organic Food

The Importance of Organic Food Organic farming has become widespread, seeing significant market growth since the late 20th century. Pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and growth hormones are not used in organic food production since the organic food market focuses on offering people fresh, chemical-free, non-GMO products. Organic products may have similar levels of … Читать далее

The Most Incredible Military Operation In History Under The Cover of Covid.

 A Recorded Interview  to Mr. Scott Kesterson through the radio chanel Global spiritual revolution  with Bichop Larry Gators. This interview is really important to hear…and is evolving to something very positive Now!  It involved Pres. Trump making extremely important decisions to make American Great Again…in no small way.  Here is how the Plan is playing out now. … Читать далее