? Isis Astara & Cobra ? ~ Just Stay Calm as the Chaos Seems to Grow

TZ here: I have had some computer issues in the past week and not had access to posting here on PFC but all is resolved right now and I am reposting this blog post that I made on my blog on Saturday 14th April.

TZ here:
I was checking something out on You tube and discovered this video which I would like to share with you (with well known German musicians). Its a tribute to the Love between two souls like Cobra and Isis. On Jan 27th this year Cobra asked us to send our loving thoughts and prayers to Isis who was critically ill in hospital after a scalar attack by the cabal. (no names or groups mentioned ) from what I can see this recording was posted on January 28th and on January 29th Cobra sadly informed us of Isis passing over to the Light. The text is so beautiful – see english translation below video. Let us all strive to see the Light inside those we love and to cherish them even if they have not yet learned how to be in loving harmonious communication beyond ego – I have a ways to go myself I might add.

? Isis Astara & Cobra ?

Let me just remind everyone that might not be aware of it that, without the dedicated amazing work of these two souls, I for one cannot see how we would ever have reached the place that we now find ourselves in. When things started really really getting out of hand for the dark ones, they attacked their favourite enemy of truth Cobra by attacking and murdering the woman that supported, worked with and loved him.

You may or may not be aware that there is a beautiful gift for free on youtube ~ a gift from Isis and Cobra namely the Goddess Spiral Mediation CD in its entirety with three beautiful meditations and music. In these days of the final madness – the final rattling of swords – I suggest that you just watch – quietly knowing that it is the final end game attempt at war by the cabal who are in great panic. Russia has been receiving strategic advice from the Pleiadians and RM for quite some time now as to how to avoid all out war. Even Trump has two voices telling him what to do. The Cabal in one ear – that would be the one demanding the attack last night in Syria and then he is also receiving strategic advice from the Allied Light Forces. We were informed about this by Cobra in November 2017. The Galactic Confederation, the Resistance Movement, indeed all of the Allied Light Forces including of course the Positive Military will NOT allow a fullscale war to take place on this planet. They have absolutley no problem in stopping any such attempt immediately.

I am now going to get ready to go out and enjoy the beautiful spring weather this weekend that has finally arrived in Sweden after the coldest longest winter ever. The breaking down and falling apart of the famous old institution known as the Swedish Academy (every single news report seems to have MORE info about that every single day here than the current saber rattling of the cabal!) is symbolic of the breaking down of just about every single institiuion on this planet that has old, controlling or sexist pathriarchal type ‘hush hush’ attitudes about secrets, attitudes of elite thinking and ‘them and us’ – its all going ~ going ~ gone! Watch this happen everywhere ~ absolutly eveywhere ~ it cannot be stopped. The time has come for a world without Masters, any type of corrupt so called leadership, popes. bishops, priests, politicians and even teachers. Yes we will still enjoy being with mentors and teachers who are willing to share knowledge with us interactively, lovingly, respectfully. Everyone has a key to the truth of the whole.

I suggest if you don’t have good weather where you are ~ being in Gaia’s nature is what we all need right now for harmony and healing ~ then spend a while listening to this beautiful CD with Isis and Cobra you will not regret it. Much Love and Light to all of my readers Therese Z

PS: This will be great preparation for our united peace meditation on the new moon sunday and monday – see previous post.

PS again ~ if you want to own your very own original copy of this CD then you can find a link to purchasing it on The Portal. Also you can get this in high quality on the artist’s website: http://medwyngoodallmusic.co.uk/produ… or on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album…

Isis & Cobra – The Goddess Spiral Meditations (Full Album)

Therese Zumi
Website; www.veritasgalacticsweden.net

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