It Works Out Perfectly in the End!

TZ here: I found this message on a readers blog and would like to share it with PFC readers.

All you have to Know about the Plan♥ is that it Works Out Perfectly in the End.
In the Place Where Time No Longer Exists, it Has Already Happened Perfectly.

Whomever is president, is perfect for reasons you may never know.
Don’t Worry about that because it is Already Handled By Those Who
Do Know Everything that Needs to Be Known On the Matter.

What is to Happen Has Already Been Written In History and
is Just Now Playing Out Before Our Eyes.

Your part is also already written, but yet to play out and unfold into reality.
You get lots of money, and in some way contribute to Humanity ♥and the Earth.

That we know. However, your part is also fluid and can go in many different directions from here. It is written that it has happened magnificently in the end, but exactly how, is yet to be seen or experienced by you.

That is your part now.♥
Don’t be upset about the parts of the game that are not your parts to play. Instead, Concentrate On Your Part Of The World Change, Your Moves,
Your Game Play.

You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of your Dreams♥

Signed: One Who Believes (Allows/Knows)♥
Terra Zetzz

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