Joint Cobra / Dr. Michael Salla Interview By Unknown Lightwarrior ~ Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cobra/Prepare for Change: October 2017 Interview

The Top 10 Characteristics of Highly Evolved Beings

Participate in Important Breaking Meditations on “”

Short situation update ~ Cobra ~ 09.28.2017

Anomaly associated with the Black Stone is removed.

What is remaining are the remnants of the Yaldabaoth plasma entity with plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly associated with it, and a few more plasma parasitic entities that were until now hidden within the body of Yaldabaoth and are now getting more active as Yaldabaoth is weakened more and more. All these entities are also full of plasma toplet bombs and plasma anomaly.


I will mention two of those plasmoid entities here and they will be cleared and removed exactly in the same way as Yaldabaoth.

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The Galactic Codex – time for a review.

Галактический КОДЕКС – время для проведения обзора.

Danell Glade

(составлено DaNell – автор PFC)

От 3 июня 2016 Часть 2 совместного интервью Cobra/Corey Goode/Rob Potter. Я думаю нам необходимо проведение обзора время от времени.

Rob : Cobra, не могли бы вы рассказать о « Галактическом Кодексе » ? Это галактический кодекс или это отличная солнечная система от той, которая вам известна ?

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